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SEIMEI Charity Bracelet

You can support the SEIMEI Fund and its charitable work by buying the SEIMEI Charity Bracelet designed by Helena Christensen.

The SEIMEI Charity Bracelet is simple, pretty and feminine. The heart symbolizes a commitment to love. In this particular design, the slightly unusual heart shape signifies all the different ways in which love can be shown.


When Helena Christensen and SEIMEI A/S made the decision to design a piece of jewellery for the SEIMEI Fund, it was not at all unfamiliar territory for Helena Christiansen, who has always found all aspects of design to be of great interest to her. It was therefore with huge enthusiasm that she took on the task of designing the bracelet.


‘Bracelets have always been my preferred piece of jewellery. There’s something unique about this type of design, as you are likely to wear the piece for many years, since there’s no clasp which you have to continually open and close. You hardly ever take it off, and therefore, hopefully, you never lose it.


I love jewellery pieces that are delicate in their appearance, but solidly made. This piece changes shape ever so slightly as it’s worn over time, which gradually gives it an increasingly interesting and personal appearance.


Anyone who buys the bracelet or quenches their thirst with a SEIMEI drink supports the SEIMEI Fund, which is the heart and soul of the commitment in our company.’

Helena Christensen, Chair of the SEIMEI Fund


For each SEIMEI Charity Bracelet sold, EUR 30.00 will be donated to the SEIMEI Fund.

You can support the SEIMEI Fund by buying the SEIMEI Charity Bracelet - see more in the SEIMEI Shop.